In this article, we plan to do consultant suggestions in real estate investment. We have built comprehensive models for house price predictions, house investment risk control, and time series analysis. In these processes, plotting some of the graphs.

Yefeng Liang

Code for this project:


Below are the windows that we got the dataset. these two datasets will be used in the project.

Zillow house price dataset source (

From the website above, you can download the newest dataset with the same frame provided by Zillow, however, in this article, we use the dataset time range from Jan. 1996 to July. 2020.

This article is about recommendation systems on the Steam website.

Yefeng Liang, Yifan Xie

When looking through the website of the sale. We are addicted to the kinds and varieties of those merchants. Due to the website design, we can easily click and buy. Sometimes, this buying seems annoyed and dizzy, people are trapped into the merchants and can’t find their gorals, many platforms, has thousands of users and games. Thus, most of the websites are committed to making every user like and suitable merchants so that every user will have a good game experience.

In this article, we will design a recommendation system for the game sale platform “Steam”…


I am now a current graduate student major in Computer Science, I am interested in Data Science, and I have a plan to pursue my Phd degree in the future.

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